Diorama is a video game project inspired by Odysseus myth writen by Homere. It plays with dioramas mechanicals to allow the gamer to discover a world frozen by the fury of Zeus. The young little Pallas, helped by Athena, tries to save the world from the ice.

• Production: Small Bang

• Price: Indie Dev Awards America – Best PC/Console 2017 & Best Causual Game 2017

Devices: computer & console

Development: Unity

Gender: Cinematic plateformer

Target: Mid-core gamer

Duration: 3h00

Crédits : Production & Creative Director – Pierre Cattan | Executive ProducerBenjamin Lelong, Claire Léger | Production Manager – Alexandrine Stehelin | Game & Level Designers François Rizzo, Théodore Doumic | Art DirectorXavier Guyomarc’h | Art, modelisation, animationAlice Suret-Canale, Nicolas Liautaud, Nicolas Dubois, Hugo Paquin | Programmation – Lucas Curci, Bastien Stefani / Kilosaurus | Sound Designer et music – Côme Jalibert | Assistant sound design – Martin Bessin


For my last year thesis I analysed the worldbuilding of Diorama. I set up a list of recommendations to improve consistency of the World.

  • Analyse the Worldbuilding and production processes
  • Analyse production fills
  • Research and scientific intelligence
  • Write recommandations concerning worldbuilding and production pipelines
  • Write a draft of the World document


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