Hellink is a serious game which allows to bachelor’s degree student to learn informational skills they need to their research. Gameplay is inspired by Papers, Please and Ace Attorney. It uses the same humor, emotive and offset situation.

• Custormer: Pierre & Marie Curie University

• Price: winner of Futurs Publics 2017 price

Informations sur le jeu
Device: computer, tablet, mobile

Development: Unity

Plateform: Steam

Players: 1

Gender: reflexion

Target: Sorbonne University students

Credits: Producer – Myriam Gorsse ; Creative Director – Thomas Planques ; Game designers – Florian Piette et Vianney Le Saux ; Art Director – Marine Besmond ; Graphic Designer/Animator – Thierry Bouillet ; Associate producer – Yasmina Azeri



As Associate Producer I managed the production & the relationship between the University and externals providers.

  • Set up the workflow and production pipelines
  • Manage budget and expenses
  • Coordinate a team composed by 10 external people
  • External and internal communication, research partnership
  • Manage playtests sessions

Tools: Trello, Jira, Excel

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